I’m thankful that you have reached the temple of my photography.
I’m going to give you a brief history about my ideas and my inspirations in photography.

First of all, this information to guide you before you enter the heart of my website and to make your visit easier.
My website is built as a « Finder »
or an « Explorer », it’s how i class my photography in my computer.

I think life is more than we see and know, so i like to explore, to go out, to find, to share, feel and live.
This is a way that i find inspiration for my photography.
Sometimes I get my picture constructed in my head before i shoot it and sometimes i just go into random photo walking.
I like these two parts of photography.
The more planified shooting as i have it in my mind and the spontaneous part, where you have to be reactive and take quick decisions.
Both parts complete each other.
But for sure, i also get inspiration through the work of other artists.
Inspiration can be found everywhere and through everything.

We live in a time where billions of photos are shared every day.
I wonder if people take time to look at them not only with their eyes but also with an open heart and open mind because for me the most important part in a picture is the part which is
« unseen ».
It’s built up by the imagination of the spectator and that makes this part endless and various as humans are.
I‘m really interested in life and what’s around it.
I think a photography and artistic work is an ongoing process where you can learn a lot along the way, just like in life.
That’s why my photography tends to be charged by emotions and feelings.

Why do I call myself RaW?!?
Well, its my approach.
I try to keep my mind as free as possible, in order to reveal questions and find answers.
I try to leave open the output and to not control everything.

To finish this little introduction,
I‘d like to state that by everything I‘m writing on this homepage,
I never claim to be right or wrong! I think sharing ideas and feelings is a way to learn from each other.
By my work I would like to exchange with you my feelings, my ideas and what i’m doing in life.

I’m thankful that you took time to read about my artistic work. Enjoy

 L O V E