Since winterseason 2017/18 I'm working as the official skischool photographer for the Schneesportschule Bettmeralp. I take photographs of the ski/snowboard school classes, the ski race and everything in between.

This kind of photography stands in contrast to my personal, more artistic photographic work. I had to learn to shoot and edit enormous amounts of photos really fast, to take fast descisions and to work under difficult conditions (always outside, cold, snow, rain, extrem sunlight, reflection). I consider this as a really good schooling for my photographic work.

I can say now, that I take lots of pleasure to shoot hundreds and thousands of similar photos, always to find something new and fresh. Also, we laught a lot and I feel fortunated to work with such motivated ski and snowboard instructors in Bettmeralp. It makes my happy to see children's eyes glow in order to catch those moments on a photograph.

I'd like to thank the Schneesportschule Bettmeralp for this beautiful collaboration.