By coincidence I started to work as a Snowsport Photographer during winterseason 2017/18 for the local Snowsportschool at Bettmeralp in Aletsch Arena. This means, that during winterseason I spend a lot of time on the slopes taking pictures of the ski/snowboard school classes, the ski race and everything in between.

Its fantastic to see children having fun in the snow independently of the weather conditions in order to learn how to move and discover the beautiful mountain areas on their own. Having this experience reminds me of my own childhood and all the days I have spent in mountains and how much all these days have given me and still brings me happiness on a daily basis. My goal is to share the fun and the joy I witness within the snowsport classes in the Aletsch Arena.

Since winterseason 2019/20, I work independently as a photographer for the Schneesportschule Bettmeralp. If you'd like to have a look on those photographs, just head to: (pw: bettmeralp)

I'd like to give a huge shout-out to the Schneesportschule Bettmeralp for our beautiful, ongoing collaboration.