In summer 2016 I have spent a few days with my buddies in Riga, the capital of Lativa.

On our last day, I decided to go out on my own and join up with two girls we have met the night before (thanks Keve) at the beach in Jurmula, outside Riga. The two girls named Oksana and Rita and they came from Byelorussia for the same reason to Riga as my friends and I did....reading at the local library and watching classic music concerts.

As I have joined up the two girls at the beach, we decided to get a bottle of wine and some pizza. After some talking, laughing, drinking and eating at the beach, we started our way to the train station in order to go back to Riga. Oksana and Rita had to catch their bus which brought them back to Minsk. As a gentlemen I am, I took the pizzabox with a few pieces left inside and stuffed it into the next garbage can. As I turned around, I saw Oksana and Rita staring at me, shocked but as charmant as only two beautiful byelorussian girls can look at you, turning away while saying: „you didn‘t have to starve during 2nd world war!“.

I felt ashamed...