The concept behind these photographs started with the mask you see dug in the snow. I found it in our garbage room a time I have lifed in a shared house with four other friends. One of my roomate decided to start a career as a Security Guard, but screewed his plan after his first day of schooling.


I liked the dead expression of this mask. So I decided to keep it.


A portrait I have seen in a magazine and the eternal cold of the snow, where my the two main pilars to build up the final creation. To me, it somehow underlinded the dead expression thing but the fact, that the mouth remains open makes the whole figure screeming to life.


The photo was made, developped, scanned, digitalized, "pain in the ass" in terms of color corection, but first steep done in the process of creation.


A music groupe I came to listen a lot in summer 2018 - really good stuff by the way „Otzeki“ - made a song calling „Hope in Hell“.


I came to the conclusion, hell and heaven are both part of our individual existence. I can allways choose between the two. The interessting thing is, when I don‘t have to choose anymore.