Things came together, that I decided to spend winter season 2017/18 in the beautiful Oberwalliser mountains, workin for a local skischool. Short after my arriving in the beginning of december, I have watched a coverage about an norvegian adventurer, author and publisher. His name is Erling Kaage. He lately wrote a book about silence. I felt this as an interesting topic, but as I was a little short on money at that moment, I decided to buy the book later on. Although I kept the topic in mind.

At that moment, my life has brought me to experience a lot of silence and reduction. Having the topic of silence in mind, I decided for that winter season to go out and see what I could found.

I went out in every kind of condition along the whole winter season. Snow, storm, by full moon or sunrise, lunch time or after dawn.
What I found was always more than I saw.

I have realized on my random photo walkings that the important thing was not the photo I brought back home, but rather all the thoughts which came in.
I continued to take photos, but the focus changed.

Some eight months later I bought the book and read it in two days.

This book became truly important to me, because I totally share his message.

Silence is not something you have to seek for, you can only find it.

It‘s the same for this photographs

Silence has a lot to offer, no matter where or who you are.