It happens quite often to me, that I stumble over a statement, a quote, a saying or a simple word that strucks my thinking.
This can come from a music I'm listening to, from a book I'm reading, a conversation I'm witnessing.
I can find it on the back of a beer can, or a helmet, or simply while doing nothing, enchanting silence.
I can not forget this statement or that thing and I start contemplating about it.
I take it further, I adopt it, I try to give it a personal note, I write it down or I share it.


It's cherishing, it's endless, it's beautiful.

I started to make visual creations with 3 images, out of a statement or a thing I picked up.
I shared these 3 images often on instagram.
I have decide now to make a serie out of it on my webside.
When you click on one photo, you can visualize them on a stream. In that way you can figure out which 3 images go together.
I like the fact too, that when I put them on one pannel like you can see above, they are melted togehter.
I have no exact idea of how they are aligned together when I upload them.
It's like playing Tertris.