Travel. Nowadays I can travel whenever and wherever I want. At least as a swiss citizen.
I have travelled in the past and I will travel in the future. There are 1000 of different ways to travel. I do it every day.
However, I‘m not feeling the same enthusiasm on a business trip as when I‘m leaving to an unkonwon place, just for...
Yeah, well for what?!?
What‘s the meaning of my travel? Do I need to travel... just because I can?

I prefer to see a travel as a journey.
I‘am free to choose my path and each step along my path brings new possibilities, opens new doors.
To me travelling is not a question of quantity, it is a question of quality.
Things happen along the way and I‘am free to look at them or not.
So, what brings quality to my travel is a very individual issue.

The photographs and memories I bring back from my travel are a testimony of my individual journey.